The school's playgrounds consists of the lower blacktop (UTK only), the upper blacktop, and the joint-use field. For safety and supervision, students should remain within the designated play areas.

  • Students line up at their designated areas at the conclusion of recess.
  • Teachers or designated adults bring students to the designated areas for recess and bring them back to the classroom at the end of the recess period.
  • Students should immediately squat and freeze when the bell or whistle sounds, then put away recess equipment and proceed to their designated pick up spots when the whistle sounds.
  • Students are to remain on the play areas until it is time to return to class.
  • Students may not run on the blacktop areas unless involved in an organized game.
  • Students must use playground equipment in a safe manner and only when there is adult supervision.
  • Students may only play school approved games.
  • Kick ball must be played by the backstop.
  • Students are expected to respect one another and to follow game rules.
  • Fighting and intimidation are not allowed.
  • All snacks, food, and drinks should be eaten and/or drunk in the designated snack areas or lunch arbor. Healthy snacks only, please.
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